I started Dreamland Girl because another artist who’s a friend of mine wanted to draw and so I gave her some of my story ideas and she chose Dreamland Girl. She was going to be the artist for it for the finals, I did a storyboard and script for her to follow and she had the ability to change it if it was approved by me. Well, she did this poster, and one rough story board and then nothing. So I decided since I had this story all ready I started working on it. I wanted to practice my art more on other things before really doing a comic that I might try and put out there for public consumption. I mean, I have nowherelost which is my really vulgar, really bad comic which is mainly for me and my friends but hey, if people want to read it that’s fine, I willl probably make a site for that too later, but the art on it doesn’t have to be the greatest, even though I was trying.